At Kraner Law, LLC, we will help you think through your professional needs and prepare the necessary documents that will ensure that your business runs smoothly, without exposure to preventable risks.  If you are faced with litigation, we will zealously defend your rights, always with an acute awareness of the expense of a lawsuit.  We have a proven track record of thorough advocacy and obtaining gratifying results for our clients.  With large firm experience and training, we will ensure that our individual and business clients alike receive prompt attention and knowledgeable advice.  We are a rapidly expanding Boston boutique firm committed to serving as an asset for each of our clients.


We look forward to helping you.

"Rita Kraner is a powerhouse of information. Her approach was simple, direct, and geared specifically to her audience. Rita's legal expertise was well received by our group of new business owners and entrepreneurs. She was open and friendly and answered our questions with ease. I would connect with her in a minute if I need legal advice for myself or my colleagues."
Brighid Murphy, Celebration of Reiki, Inc. Planning Committee Member.

"I've hired many lawyers throughout my career with the majority of them living up to low expectations. Rita is exceptional--she feels like part of the team, providing timely advice alongside solid legal counsel. She helped us favorably resolve a lawsuit and we also turned to her when we were starting a new venture. My only regret is not being introduced to her firm sooner."
Matt Mankins, founder of Fairtread, Inc. and Lorem Ipsum Books

"I was stuck in very unpleasant situation with non paying tenants for half a year and my renovation project was failing. Rita took the matter and resolved it fully in impossibly quick time. I didn't need to neither communicate with tenants, nor attend the court. She researched all city specific laws, educated tenants on them, worked out resolution with judge and event got compensation for me from tenants! Two days after the court my long time non paying tenants were out of the apartment and I had check from them. Best phone call I ever placed was to ask Rita Kraner for legal advice!"
Alla Goren